How to choose a short dress?


If you have a short dress in your closet, you have no problem what to wear for a friend's birthday party or a date. It is a universal option that perfectly emphasizes the features of the figure, highlights the advantages, allows you to show beautiful legs and feel very confident. Short dress is suitable for celebrations, the main thing is to know how to choose it correctly. After all, only a model of the appropriate style will fit perfectly on the figure.
Popular styles of short dresses
The tulip dress is a good choice for girls with slim hips. It is also suitable for ladies with a carrot figure, when the shoulders are wider than the hips. The skirt of this dress is slightly widened at the hips, which creates a harmonious perception of the figure.
Dress corset - will emphasize the beauty and volume of the bust, and if it is not - expressively point to this shortcoming. Therefore, choose a dress-corset, only if the size of your breasts at least the second. In this case, it is also important to choose a dress strictly on the size, without the slightest hint of the effect of tightening the bust. Otherwise, there will be a feeling that the dress is a little too small for you, and the chest is about to pop out.
Dress-futlar - universal, beautiful, stylish model. Suitable for ladies with any figure, well combined with jackets, jackets. Meets the holidays of any theme - from official celebrations to family parties.  
Short chiffon dress with flounces - always looks smart, festive. Creates the image of a naive girl, sweet and romantic. And not to get bogged down in it, you should choose models of bright, expressive colors.
Ultra-short dress with a plume is an ideal choice for a bold beauty, but here it is important not to overdo it and choose a model with a closed bust instead of an attractive corset, so as not to look vulgar. Transformer options are also interesting: at some point in the evening you can unhook the train and continue to have fun in a frank mini!

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